WebTransfer : Matrice

In order to prevent misuse with third-party e-mail addresses, the e-mail address is now checked prior to the transfer.

With this change, the workflow changes as follows: After having entered your email address and the receiving persons e-mail address on the transfer page you will get an email with the link to upload the files.

Thanks for your understanding.
Accessed fromsender's addressrecipient's addressmethod
Internal networkinternalinternaldirect transfer
Internal networkinternalexternaldirect transfer
Internal networkinternalinternal and external mixeddirect transfer
Internal networkexternalinternalforbidden
Internal networkexternalexternalforbidden
Internal networkexternalinternal and external mixedforbidden
InternetinternalinternalSender receives an upload ticket
InternetinternalexternalSender receives an upload ticket
Internetinternalinternal and external mixedSender receives an upload ticket
InternetexternalinternalGet confirmation from first internal recipient
Internetexternalinternal and external mixedGet confirmation from first internal recipient