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In order to prevent misuse with third-party e-mail addresses, the e-mail address is now checked prior to the transfer.

With this change, the workflow changes as follows: After having entered your email address and the receiving persons e-mail address on the transfer page you will get an email with the link to upload the files.

Thanks for your understanding.
WebTransfer is a web application which allows the transfer of large amounts of data between a company/school/authority and third party users in the internet.

This is a demo version of the program and you're invited to use it. The amount of transferable data in this demo version is kept small on purpose and the data transmission is encrypted.

Interested in a commercial installation in your company, including support and service contract? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to send you an offer.

Some facts you should know, if you are using webtransfer.ch:
  • This service is free of charge and can be used without registration.
  • There is no support for this service. Not even in case of data loss!
  • The availability of the service is not guaranteed.
For more information, please refer to the terms of use.

Because of security policies, all operations including email addresses will be logged and evaluated. Misuse will be investigated and can have legal consequences.